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All orders are charged in USD (US Dollars). To calculate the exchange rate, please visit XE

Ordering Policies:

To cancel an order you have placed with Wireless, you must contact customer support by email ( Unlock Code orders cannot be cancelled.

Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order as long as it has not yet shipped. When contacting customer support to cancel an order, please provide your name, the order number, and your contact information.

Please note that if the item has shipped, the order cannot be canceled. In this case, you can request to return the item for a refund (minus shipping costs).

Unlock Code Policies:
  • This service will NOT remove any power on user codes
  • There is only one type of subsidy unlock code for your phone, once entered your phone can be used with any sim card, and on any GSM network in the world.
  • The unlock code we will supply you with is the only unlock code that exists for your phone.
  • Once the unlock code is entered your phone will never re-lock even if you upgrade the software or hard reset your phone.
  • Every phone only has a certain number of unlock attempts you can try before the phone is hard locked. If on first attempt your unlock code does not work, do not keep attempting to unlock, contact us immediately
  • When your phone asks for an unlock code it is NOT asking for your personal SIM PIN unlock code. If you choose to enter this instead of the unlock code we supply, we will NOT refund you.
  • You must include the IMEI from the phone itself and not the IMEI from the box that your phone came in.
  • Please read any supplied directions carefully before attempting to unlock your phone.
  • When you purchase an unlock code, it is a one shot deal that works for the IMEI I process. If you need a replacement phone unlocked later you will need to purchase the service again.
  • We are not responsible for helping you setup internet on your phone.
  • Once an order is placed, it could not be canceled.