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Guidelines on How to Get T-Mobile Unlock Code

In 2014-2015, T-Mobile presented a system for unlocking their gadgets to utilize on different networks. Hence, should you want the T Mobile unlock code, you can always get the same from the T-Mobile unlock application. Moving over from utilizing the ordinary technique for inputting an Unlock Code, the company now activates the gadget as "qualified" status in its back end framework. Hence, there is no need to include a code any longer.

Models SUPPORTED that use the Unlock Application

Alcatel One Touch POP Astro (5042T)

HTC One (M9)

LG G Stylo (H631)

LG G4 (H811)

LG V10 (H901)

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T)

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T)

Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T)

Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925T)

Samsung Note 5 (SM-N920T)

Sony Xperia Z3 (D6616)

ZTE Obsidian (Z820)

How does this Unlock App work?

1. To start with, place your order with the right IMEI number and choose your model.

2. It would be ideal if you make sure the installation of T-Mobile Device Unlock App on your gadget.

3. When the service providers inform your about gadget’s “Unlocked” status, open the application and select "Perpetual Unlock".

4. Your gadget's IMEI number is presently enlisted as "Qualified" to be Unlocked in T-Mobile System.

5. Your gadget will reboot and you can utilize your T-Mobile gadget on different Carriers.

Why unlock your T-Mobile Phone with leading service providers?

You’ll come across several service providers online that assist you in unlocking the T-Mobile Phone. You need to look for those who are completely reliable and provide guaranteed satisfaction along with full refund if they can’t unlock your phone.

Here are some reasons that explain to you why the prominent service providers are one stop destination to unlock the phone.

1. They can switch SIM cards between GSM Carriers utilizing the same cell phone easily.
2. Their automated framework will E-Mail you the t-mobile Unlock code and guidelines straightaway once your request finishes the handling.
3. If you are traveling, you can purchase a local SIM card to save the roaming fees.
4. You can unlock your T-Mobile gadget from the solace of your own home quick and simple.
5. No cables, software, or complicated rooting required.
6. Simply enter the code you get in the email.
7. There is no danger of harming your phone by unlocking it.
8. They guarantee fastest turnaround time and lowest cost.

How to Get an Unlock Code from AT&T? – An Overview

Have you bought a “Locked” AT&T phone and finding it hard to utilize it on other Service Provider Network? If yes, then you will require a Remote Unlock Code to remedy this situation. The majority of cell phones accept this unlock code to release the lock set by the carrier. Such Unlock codes are precise pursuant to the IMEI number of your phone. As soon as you enter this code into the service, the lock will release and you can easily use your AT&T Phone on other Service Provider.

How to get an unlock code from AT&T?

Several service providing companies help you to how to get an unlock code from AT&T. As for the process, it is simple and effective. The below given points explain the functioning step-by-step:

Check the availability of your AT&T code-

Scan the IMEI databases to look if a code is accessible for your device or not. This search is anonymous and completely free. You can press *#06# on your device to know your IMEI number.

Requirement of contact information-

Once the order is complete, provide your contact information to get the instructions and code to your email address.

Evaluate your payment and order-

After finalizing whether the information provided is correct or not, the service provider will transfer you to secure payment gateway of PayPal’s.

Get your AT&T unlock code-

Once the company receives the payment and order, it will start processing your request for the unlock-code. You will get an e-mail with complete instructions that assist you in unlocking your device.

AT&T Pantech unlock code

AT&T Pantech sends the unlock instructions to the user on demand that meets his requirements. Let’s have a look on its unlocking instructions-

1. Switch on the phone with Non accepted SIM card
2. It will allow you to enter a Network Unlock code instantly.
3. Enter the 8 digit Unlock code
4. Press Enter
5. You’ll get unlocked phone

Now you are free to use your unlocked phone. Just make the most of it!>

LG V10 Review


The sturdily designed LG V10 gives users more camera control with manual modes for both photos and video, a fingerprint sensor, two front-facing cameras for wider selfie shots, expandable memory and a removable battery.


The handset is pricey, its secondary display doesn't offer any essential necessities and its manual camera features require some time to learn.

THE Bottom Line:

The feature-packed V10 is LG's best smartphone yet -- just be prepared to pay a premium for its selfie- and photo-friendly extras.

Overall - 8.2
Camera - 8.0
Design - 8.0
Battery life - 7.0
features - 9.0
performance -8.0

As the inaugural device for the company's V-series, the V10 is packed with nearly all of the luxuries found in high-end flagships and then some. It has a fingerprint reader, two front-facing cameras, two displays, tons of photo tools and more. It also has what lots of top-tier phones don't have: A removable battery and expandable memory.

By launching this new family of devices, LG gives itself space to experiment with its handsets. Unlike its marquee phone, the G4 the V10 isn't meant for a wide audience. Rather, it's a premium device with features that appeal to a niche group of people -- say, budding cinematographers who will readily use V10's manual video controls.

For the average smartphone user, however, the V10's goodies verge on gimmicky and could easily be left unused. Especially because all of the handset's premium hardware comes a high price tag. Though UK and Australia pricing haven't been announced, the phone is going for about $600-$700 in the US without a contract (depending on the carrier). That converts to about £390-460 and AU$835-975.

If you find the secondary display useful and photo features compelling, the V10 is an excellent phone, and it doesn't cost as much as the other high-end, large-screen dual-display Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. But if you're like me and don't absolutely need all the V10's bells and whistles, there are cheaper flagships available, such as the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, the Google Nexus 6P and even LG's own G4, which has similar core features as the V10, but cost about $100 less.

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 S6 Remotely by Code

Samsung cell phones are among the most innovative and sought after cell phones in the market today. Yet all Samsung cell phones are limited by network restrictions, placed by the carrier it is sold from. A network locked Samsung will only work with a SIM card provided by the carrier who sold you the phone. can remove these network restrictions by unlocking your Samsung cell phone, with their safe, simple and reliable unlocking solutions. Once your Samsung device unlocked you will be able to use it with any GSM carrier worldwide. is proud to announced that they are able to permanently and factory unlock any Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 S6 by Network Unlock code. Their Samsung unlocking method is the safest and only official way set by the manufacturer that does not void your warranty. Entering the unlock code in your device is very simple and 100% guaranteed to unlock your phone to be used on most major GSM networks.

Unlocking your Samsung device has many advantages such as allowing you to use it with another Network of your choice or even use it with a local network while traveling saving you hundreds of roaming charges. When you buy a Samsung from any carrier, that phone is locked to their SIM cards/Network only meaning you can only use their service. Unlocking your device will allow you to bypass that lock and use it with the carrier of your choice. You can easily switch SIM cards using the same phone.

Unlocking your phone will also increase the resale value of your device since you can sell it to anyone using any carrier. Buyers are usually always looking for factory unlocked phones since they will have the choice to use it with whom they prefer.

If you decide to change carriers since you got a better plan with another carrier, you don’t need to buy a new device, you will be able to simply insert the new carrier’s SIM in your Smartphone and the phone will work right away.

As you can see, there is no reason to keep your phone locked. The process is simple and safe and does not require you to plug your phone to any computer or use any complicated software to unlock. You will simply enter the 8 Digit Samsung Unlock Code and your phone will be permanently unlocked. You will also be able to update/restore your phone without risking it to re-lock itself.

Unlocking your Samsung is easy with:

Video-Blackberry Bold 9900 Unlock by posted on their YouTube a video showing the unlock process of a Blackberry Bold 9900. Process is pretty much the same as all previous Blackberrys except for the new OS7 Menu slight changes. All that is requires is the Network MEP or Service Provider MEP (depending on the provider your phone is from). The unlock codes are 8 or 16 digits and are unique to each phone. As you can see in this video, it’s very easy to unlock your Blackberry Bold 9900. Unlocking your Blackberry will enable you to use it with other GSM providers.

Get Complete Info:

Unlock AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G Android by Code

The Motorola Atrix 4G has been released by AT&T and comes locked to AT&T. If you were planning on getting the Atrix 4G to use on another provider but wasn’t sure you could, well now you can! has added the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G unlocking service to their site. All they need if the 15 Digits IMEI and offers a turnaround of 1-3 Business Days. The unlocking is simple and straightforward, all you need to do once you receive your unlock code is to power the phone with a non-allowed SIM and the phone will prompt you for the code. Once unlocked you will be able to use with most GSM providers worldwide including T-Mobile/Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus/Vodafone/Orange etc..

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Blackberry Bold 9780 Unlock Code posted on their YouTube a video showing the unlock process of a Blackberry Bold 9780. Process is pretty much the same as all previous Blackberry's except for the new OS6 Menu slight changes. All that is requires is the Network MEP or Service Provider MEP (depending on the provider your phone is from). The unlock code are 8 or 16 digits and are unique to each phone.

Further Info:

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Unlocked by

That was fast! 1 day prior to launch and they do it again. just posted a video on their YouTube account showing how easy and simple it is to unlock the HTC HD7 phone by code. Once unlocked it will work with any GSM provider worldwide. This means you can pick an HD7 and use with AT&T, Rogers, Fido, Vodafone etc.. once unlocked. Process is very simple as we can see in the video. Once you get the unlock code, you simply need to power the phone with a non-allowed SIM and the phone will prompt you for the code.

Complete Overview:

Blackberry Bold 9650 Giveaway-Last chance to enter!

That’s right folks! The wait is almost over. Back in July we ran a contest giving you the chance to win a Brand New Blackberry Bold 9650. Our goal was simple..reach 500 comments on the post or 1295 followers on Twitter. Well we made it!! We’re currently at 1374 followers on Twitter, but to make it fair for everyone, we will give you until tomorrow Wednesday 11:59 PM EST to enter this contest and get a chance to win it. Rules are still the same…you follow us on Twitter or leave a comment here and we will include you in the draw. To all of you that have already left a comment and/or are following us, no need to enter again, you’re already entered in the contest. So there we go…you got about 24 hours to try and win this Blackberry Bold 9650.

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